About Richard

I like downtown Los Angeles, and am particularly fond of Pershing Square, which at one point was its “living room.”

I believe that the fundamental challenges to public space downtown by the sheer malaise of municipal bureaucracy and by corporate lobby groups has kept Pershing Square as a non-functioning park for decades.  But promise of a vibrant, connected, and populated downtown can be realized, and Pershing Square is a cornerstone in that campaign.

This blog is a record of interacting with the Pershing Square Advisory Board, an entity which I have a good working knowledge of from my time as director of the Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk in 2009. This “redux”-with all the martial connotations which that word brings-appeals to me both as an old classics school boy, and an impassioned reader of the Bhagavad Gita. For it is right in the opening slokas of Chapter Two, which poor Prince Arjuna realizes that despite all his good will, must take a stand and fight for what he believes in, the very principles of his nature will allow no other course.


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